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You can help Drift Union!

This video we made says it all. We need more footage of us to make an other epic year end video.


Short Japan edit from AW films

Here’s Abbitt’s latest edit from when him and his brother went over to japan late 2010, short and sweet with some good footage.
The things I would do to get to drive over there.

One more thing, after the disasters that hit Japan Abbitt started making some stickers and all the proceeds go to help out the red cross in Japan. So make sure to buy a few to help out!


Drift Union tshirt give aways!

So deal was over 200 likes on Vimeo in a week and Drift Union will give away 2 Tee Shirts, well its been 5 days and the video has 279. So make sure you “Like” the video on Vimeo by this friday for a chance to win.


Shreeve Films 2010 DVD

Most of you have heard of Justin Shreeve or have seen his videos but if you haven’t you better check them out.
Justin is releasing a dvd with all his footage from 2010 and it looks really promising with more than 20 short films from pro events to grassroots amateur events.
I’ve already pre-ordered my copy so check out the trailer and order your copy too!

Also our good friend Ian Dillon of Factory83, who does a lot of really good graphic design work, made the DVD cover for Justin, you’ll have to wait to see it but if you have any graphic work you need done Ian is your man!


The “EH” Team!

My buddy Mike just posted this up on his vimeo.
Shawn and I killing it at PGP.


Drift Union – Night Moves final teaser!

Well here you go, Shawn just uploaded the last teaser for Night Moves, make sure you turn the volume waaaay up on this one.
Months of filming, 1000’s of km’s, hundreds of tires, and hours of editing.
This will be a great video.

Other Night Moves teasers: HERE and HERE


Drift Union – It’s the dope Video!

Thats right, we’ve had our 1st premier in van last weekend and not it’s time for all the Okanagan people to have a premier so here is the info on it.
It will be a good idea to bring something to sit on (ie: racing seat, stock seat, camping chair)

What: Drift Union’s 09 Year End Video Premier

When: March 12th Doors open at 8pm Vid starts some time after 9ish

Where: Four Function, map HERE

Who: open to all

Cost: $0.00

Why: To get the community together to kick off the 2010 season. All in all the video sucks, just wanted a reason get pumped to start hitting the track again. Premier went GREAT in Van, so I though we might as well do one here!

And just one little clip from the 22min long video. Make sure to click HERE and HERE for more Drift Union videos.