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Team Limit!

Check out the latest local blog Team Limit
Dave Mann just tossed this video together from last weekend check it!


Performance VW Mag

My friend anthony sent me a text this morning with a photo from October’s edition of performance VW mag, and the photo was of a photo Dave Mann took of me and my car at a car show from the summer.
Pretty random if you ask me Haha.

Also this month is one year for Full Lock so I’m going to try to post every day so if any one has some ideas or something they would like to see here let me know with a comment or email me at

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Drift Union, It’s the Dope!

Wow, August is going to be a busy busy month. Drift Union’s DDay 6 went without a hitch.
This one photo is from Dave Mann at DDay 6, I’ll be posting a few more once he posts them up.
On an other note, Dave’s RSTi was posted on Speed Hunters which is a huge compliment to him and his car.
Make sure you check Dave’s Blog and Flickr and also Drift Unions blog.


D-Day 3

Sorry again for the lack of posts as of late, the past week was spent getting my car ready for Drift Union’s D-Day3.
It was awesome and went off with no issues other then Gavin’s inner tie rod snapping, my car just being a legacy and the shitter falling over.
These photos (and i posted a lot of them!) are from Dave Mann and as always they turned out really good. Also check out Dave’s Blog, Visual Intensity.

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Hella Flush Approved

So Dave Mann, Shawn Browne and I spent last night fitting Dave’s extra cusco replica side skirts and rear lip for his GC onto my legacy.
Not a single company makes any sort of body kit or lip kit for my car so Shawn and I spent the night making the GC kit work on the legacy.
It turned out pretty damn good I think, now I just need some sorta front lip

QUICK EDIT. I was just checking my daily blog list and saw my car posted on HELLA FLUSH. I’m pretty pumped, thanks slayer for the photos and shawn for the help

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Visual Intensity

Visual Intensity is my good friend Dave Mann’s blog which gets updated pretty frequently with every thing from time attack cars to ski photos and videos.
He also is getting pretty good behind the lens too starting out shooting not that long ago.
These are only some of his photos, for the rest check out his blog or his flickr.

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