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Little updates.

Man It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here so i might as well do a small update.


Finally got the r200, s14 axles, and Nissan 5 lug hubs installed in the legacy. I hope this solves my broken axle issue I’ve had for the past few years.


Also I closed up the holes in the engine bay with some nice tubs. Should ad a bit of strength to the front end.


My friend left his welder in my garage from the tubs so i figured I should learn how to weld. I quickly fabbed up this battery tray and tie down then welded it together!


I then welded these supports between the frame rails and mounted the batt tray I made. This all should add some strength and help with weight since I mounted the batt as low as I could.


Then this happened, my daily legacy got writen off I’m still pissed.


Now the tow vehicle is the daily until ICBC pays me out and i can try to find an other turbo legacy.


D-Day 11

Well, another successful D-Day has come and gone. Props as always to Shawn @ for putting these events on and the volunteers for making it happen smoothly. I was working the video camera most of the day so I didn’t get too many photos, plus I was shooting at 800iso all day with a dirty lens (sup grainy photos, fail on my part), but here is the ones I did get:



Summer is a beautiful thing…

Logan never updates anymore, now I have partial control of fulllock mwuahahahahaha! The mustache is in charge now! In other news, summer is definitely here. It’s been meltingly hot every day. Three a/c units cool the Benvoulin house, they overwhelm the breakers often, even still it’s hella hot up in thurr. So in the evening we tend to stick to the outside where the temp drops with the sun (unlike indoors, where it traps it). Got a few lols the other night …unfortunately lol’s were the only thing  we got. There was a little woot from a vette but no burnouts, and got nothing more than a smirk from most of the ladies that drove by haha. Oh well, plenty of summer left to go!



Yes or No?

EDIT: While I liked that theme, it was just missing something and I agree with some of the comments saying it needed a header. So until they update that theme with a header I’ll stick with this one.

Just playing with some new themes for the blog and I kinda like this one.
But really it doesn’t matter what I like right?
Let me know if you guys like it better then before in the comments or if I should change it back to how it was.


Year End

So I started working on this earlier this week but now I have no computer to fully finish it as I had planned, oh well.

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who follow full lock, like most blogs I never expected much from this site but you guys really out did my expectations!

This month has been the highest so far with over 10,000 views bringing the total so far (13 months) to just over 75,000.

Lots of thanks to every one who has added me to there blog roll and to every one who has done a post about full lock.

So happy new years and I hope you have a great safe night.

Here are the top refers, posts, searched words, and site people clicked on from my blog (as of the 26th when I started writing this). Thanks for all the suport and I hope to see every one coming back in 2010!

Top Ten Referrers
Top Ten Posts Wagons = win! AE86 with Smoke? More Dope Shizzz Another AWD Drag Car. The simple things in life… Sierra RS Cosworth goodness. Super Clean S14a AWD Mini…? mk1 shizzz Random Shizzzzz
Top Ten Search Terms
Top Ten Links Clicked
jetta mk1
subaru wagon
matt powers s14
sierra rs cosworth
wheel fitment
nori yaro
lexus is300 turbo

Well Damn.

R.I.P. my computer…
Its been six long years and we’ve been through a lot.
Thousands and thousands of photos of cars, hours and hours of web design, well over 10,000 YouTube videos, and now its all gone.
I’m pretty sure its my hard drive, my computer turns on but that familiar little beep is not there and no movement from my hard drive then it turns off right away.
I just hope when I do get a new computer all my shit on my hard drive can be saved somehow.
And as for now, its my trusty HTC magic and my ipod touch.


We Want You

Insert photo of Uncle Sam pointing at you here.

Some of you might remeber this post a while ago, it came from Justin of twenty PSI and I found it because he posted a link to his car in an other post.

Well here is your chance to be featured on Full Lock, all you have to do is comment on this post with a link to some photos and info about your car.
Then every now and then I will come back to this post and pick a car to post, it’s that simple!

Here’s a pic for some clicks!


Twitter Updates

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